By Morris Gleitzman

New York: Henry Holt, 2010.imagesCA8KGQNP

Pages: 184  Grades 6 and Up

 Could not wait for the 2nd book, Then, when I found the final book, Now, was available.  Snow days are great for reading books from start to finish!!

Now, could be a standalone read but it was a great conclusion to a powerful series by Morris Gleitzman.  Felix is now eighty, a well-respected pediatric surgeon, who is retired and looking after his granddaughter Zelda. Zelda’s parents are working in Africa for three months and Zelda has moved in with him and started in a new school with not so nice classmates.  Bullying seems to be the theme to pull the past horrors of the holocaust together with injustices of today.  Zelda tells the story in this book and often reflects on the courage and fortitude that her grandpa and his friend Zelda must have had in order to survive.  This book is set in present day Australia where a disastrous event sends Zelda on a treacherous journey of her own.  Don’t miss this commanding finale to a wonderful historical fiction series. 


Author Website: Morris Gleitzman


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