Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens

By Libba Bray

New York:  Scholastic Press, 2011.

Grades 9 and Up

This is the perfect beach read!  I read this on vacation and kept disturbing everyone around me because I was either laughing out loud or reading a few lines out loud from the book! 

Libba Bray cooks up the perfect storm—Beauty Queens crashing on a deserted island (and if that isn’t enough for you—read on), sexy pirates, and a corrupt pageant corporation!   

The plane carrying all 50 beauty queen contestants for the Teen Dream Pageant goes down on an island and as the teens come out of the wreckage Miss Texas leads the remaining girls in a prayer. 

Then in Teen Dream fashion Miss Texas says, “We need to do a recon mission, to see if there are any more survivors, and tend to the wounded. My head kinda hurts,queen Miss New Mexico said.  Several girls gasped.  Half of an airline serving tray was lodged in forehead, forming a small blue canopy over her eyes. What is it? Miss New Mexico checked to make sure her bra straps weren’t showing. N-nothing. Miss Ohio managed an awkward smile” (8).

And so the story goes—while some are forging for food, others are tanning and practicing for the pageant.  This is a hilarious book from start to finish.  This is for the more mature YA reader as it has language issues and every social issue known to man, or in this case woman. 


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