Whatever After: Sink or Swim

Whatever After:  Sink or Swim

By Sarah Mlynowski

New York:  Scholastic Press, 2013.

165 Pages Grades 4-6

This is the third book in the Whatever After Series where author Sarah Mlynowski takes a beloved fairy tale and puts a modern day, time travel twist on it.  The stories are not based on the Disney versions of the fairy tale but the original form where all the endings were not always happy ever after!  16043628

Abby and Jonah have moved away from their hometown and were not happy until they discovered a magic time travel mirror in the basement of their new house.  Every time they enter they find themselves right in the middle of a fairy tale.  You can guess by the title they have landed in The Little Mermaid.  In the original fairy tale the mermaid wants legs to marry the prince but this come at a very high price indeed—her voice and then her life if they prince does not marry her.  He cannot bear to have a princess who cannot speak and so he marries another and the ending is not a fairy tale—so Jonah and Abby set out to fix this ending.  The ending will surprise you!  A great, quick, fun read!

Author Website: http://www.sarahm.com/



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