The Shack

The Shack

By William Paul Young

Newbury Park:  Windblown Media, 2007.

252 Pages.  All ages.

This is an inspirational story of a man who was broken by great sadness. In real life three very tragic events occur within 6 months that devastated Paul Young and his family.  These events coupled with an alcoholic, abusive, preacher father brought Paul into this period of his life called The Great Sadness. That is the true part of this story as shared with Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas in July 2013 where I attended the service with my daughter. I am sure I can not do this book justice in this review but here I go…shack

In the novel he has fictionalized a tragic event where he is now summoned to return to the crime scene, The Shack, against one of his family members—he believes it might be a hoax or it might be God summoning him.  So he returns to the shack where he meets God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  God is a big, African American woman with a killer sense of humor. This Trinity takes Mack into the darkest parts of his life, as each one of them spend time with him and get Mack to open up his wounds so that healing may begin. Experience this moving, enlightening, heartwarming story of brokenness that is filled with the hope that only God can bring to us.  It is a book about our relationship with God.  A masterfully told tale that will have you laughing and crying!  And now my copy is signed!


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