The Unwanteds

The Unwanteds

By Lisa McMann

New York:  Aladdin, 2011.

390 Pages. Grades 5 and up.

Kirkus Reviews stated, “The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter.” I so totally agree!

It’s magical powers and whimsical characters remind me of Harry Potter but the despicable part of this dystopian society will leave the reading asking—how could parents do such a thing.


The unwanteds are rounded up in the city of Quill to be sent away for extermination, necessaries keep the dictatorship-like government going by farming and doing the manual labor while the wanteds go off to college.

Alex loves his brother but the brainwashing that High Priest Justine has put in place allows Aaron not to even care what happens to his twin brother in fact forgetting them immediately is encouraged.

But Alex is not exterminated in fact a whole other magical world has been created by a powerful man that wanted to capture the creative powers of the unwanted children—and so the city of Artimè rises up from despair.  This book will not disappoint true fantasy readers!

Author Website:  Lisa McMann 


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