By Michael Northup

New York:  Scholastic Press, 2011.


As I sit in front of the TV watching a winter storm warning scroll across the screen it could not be better timing then to finish the book Trapped.   The snow started early in the day with those really big flakes and by mid-morning they announce at school that buses will be coming right FC_BC_jkt_9780545210126.inddafter lunch for an early dismissal.  Scotty, Pete and Jason are not impressed with snow and plan to stay after to head to the industrial arts room to work on “the cart” while they wait for their ride to come sometime late afternoon.  What they don’t count on is there is no sign of the snow stopping—not for hours not for days. 

When the time comes for their ride to arrive they join the last four remaining students who are waiting for rides.  But now the snow is a couple feet deep and no vehicle is going to make it through on those rural roads. They will be spending the night!  But it might not be so bad because of the two hot girls, Krista and Julie are stranded as well and it’s just one night.

But one night turns into two and three and then the power goes out, the pipes burst and roof is about to cave in under over 5 feet of snow—and there is no signs of stopping. Somebody needs to go for help using the gocart now converted to a quasi-snowmobile and the snow eight feet deep. . .


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