Tesla’s Attic


Tesla’s Attic

By Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman

New York:  Disney/Hyperion Books, 2014.

246 Pages  Grades 5 and Up


Book Talk for Tesla’s Attic

Nick Slate is 14 years old and has just moved to Colorado Springs, CO for a fresh start with his dad and his younger brother Danny.  They are “escaping a terrible fire that took everything,” even Nick’s mom.  They packed up and moved into a house they inherited from a  Wacky Great Aunt.

Nick choose the attic for his bedroom but first he needs to clear out all the junk that littered the entire attic—

So come to my garage sale and buy this junk—and so they came and took—well all this junk!! Nick couldn’t believe what people were willing to pay for this junk!!! Nick could not believe it—it is like the people were possessed!!!  But this is when the story gets really weird. Nick meets several kids at his garage sale who later become his friends (Petula, Caitlyn—lives next door, Vince and Mitch) and all those devices have some kind of bizarre power over each of the people who buy something they really don’t want or need.

Well as everything starts to clear out of the garage some men come looking to buy every device—but most everything is gone—there is something dark about those men. They wanted to know what Nick sold and if the stuff worked.

As you soon find out—the stuff did work but each device has some kind of bizarre power…..

A tape recorder that tapes what people say but plays back what they REALLY Mean!!!  So I might tape that I love your new shoes—when it plays back—it says I wouldn’t get caught dead wearing those to school.

So as people try out their devices they find these wacky and scary powers—most want to get rid of the things they bought.  As Nick catches on that these devices are unique—so do the men of secret Society Accerlati.

Who is Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-born scientist and an engineer.

Known for his experiments with electricity—he was genius.

Perhaps he was a creator of a device that could power the entire world?

That is exactly what the old secret society called Accelerati believed—they will go after all the devices no matter what it takes!

Could that device really exist?

You will not be disappointed in the first installment of the Accelerati Trilogy called Tesla’s Attic.

Full of adventure, surprises, mystery, and wacky magical devices!

Author Website

Book Trailer  A great book trailer to get kids to read this great story!

Could work in non-fiction informational reading about Nikola Tesla.



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