By Kathy Reichs

New York: Razorbill, 2010.

454 Pages    Grades 6 and Up

Tori Brennan is 14 years old when her Mom dies at the hands of a drunk driver on the way home from picking up pizza. Tori goes to live with her dad Kit—a dad she hardly knows.  Kit is a marine biologist who lives on Morris Island in S. Carolina and works on the remote Lager Island.

All the kids have to go the mainland to school and so Tori, Hiram, Ben and Shelton form a close bond on the island.  Tori is the great-niece of Temperance Brenann—from the Bones television show.  viralsScience is in her blood

Lager Island is a primate and wildlife refuge that time has forgotten.  Kit, Hi, Ben and Shelton discover a dog tag on the island and try to uncover the mystery.  What they were not ready for is how that dog tag would lead them to an old murder, exposure to deadly parvo virus when they rescue a wolf-dog “Cooper”, uncover some evil experiments.

That parvo virus gets transferred to the four friends—who become very ill.  While maintaining secrecy about breaking “Cooper” out of his isolation, they live to continue to investigate the dog tag mystery.  But the soon find they have become virals with dog like skills of intense smell, speed, sight and hearing.  Join the dynamic foursome as they discover power within themselves, the power of strong relationships and how science helps them to overcome many obstacles OR is science creating the obstacles?  This is a real page turner!



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