When Audrey Met Alice

When Audrey Met Alice

By Rebecca Behrens

Naperville, Sourcebooks, 2014.

294 Pages    Grades 5 and Up

This book combines realistic fiction of a modern day First Daughter with historical fiction diary of Alice Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt.  Thirteen year old Audrey is the First Daughter to the President of the United States, her mother.  Her father is a physician who does cancer research at John Hopkins.  Since her mom has become President, Audrey has given up her old life for a new and exciting life or so she thought! When Audrey

A definite perk to being in the first family is the opportunity to get movies just before they are released. Audrey spent weeks planning an exciting movie screening party—with all her classmates from Friends Academy. Then Audrey’s movie screening party falls through because a plane violated the “no fly zone” and the White House goes into a lockdown.  Audrey is devastated as this was her first and maybe only chance to have a “normal party.”

Being the First Daughter does not come with a lot of true friends.  In fact Alice finds that people do not want to be friends with her—too much responsibility, don’t agree with her mom’s politics or those very annoying Secret Service men that are always hanging around.

So, Alice is in a downward social spiral until one day when she finds a hidden diary of Alice Roosevelt.  Although 100 years separate them but in many ways their lives were very similar!  Alice Roosevelt spelled trouble with a capital “T”!  She was always getting into trouble and her drove her father President “Teddy” Roosevelt crazy.  Audrey is now looking up to Alice and stirs up her own batch of trouble!  Check in with Audrey as–First Daughters Just Wanna Have Fun!

Mrs. Reiber’s Summer Book #2

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