The Butterfly

The Butterfly

By Patricia Polacco

New York:  Philomel Books, 2000.

Grades 2 and Up     Picture Book

This picture book (Historical Fiction) on the Holocaust is based on the author’s family history.  Patricia Polacco had an Aunt by the name of Mbutterflyarcelle Sollilage and her daughter Monique who were part of the French Underground and the Resistance Movement.  Marcello was known for hiding Jewish people under the floor boards of her home unbeknownst to her daughter.  In this story Sevrine, a hidden Jewish girl, got lonely and tired of hiding so one night she showed up in Monique’s bedroom.  The become fast friends, seeing each other only at night—until the night when someone sees Sevrine and they must come out of hiding.  This story has a nice ending for the younger children—might be a good kick off before talking about or reading the Diary of Anne Frank.

Mrs. Reiber Summer Reading Book 3


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