The Here and Now

The Here and Now

By Ann Brashares

New York: Delacorte, 2014.

Pages 242.  Grades 8 and Up

It used to be if you said sci-fic it meant a “guy book” but over the last couple of years there have been some really great girl sci-fi novels and this one ranks at the top!  Ann Brashares, author of the popular chic series, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, does not disappoint her female fans!

Prenna James has come to the USA with her mom and handful of other people but she is not coming from another country she is Anncoming from another time—she comes from the USA but from the future. Traveling back in time allows seventeen year old Preena and her mother to escape the plague (spread by mosquitoes)—that is wiping out future generations.  Ann Brashares hints at true events taking place in our world today—such as climate change; that is leading our country to sure future destruction unless some subtle changes can be made.  This group of time travelers tries to blend in and the their “counselors” have stringent rules so that they do not change the course of history but when Prenna meets Ethan Jarves—she finds the rule about “no relationships” with anyone impossible. Can the two time periods really coexist without collisions if love is involved?


This is set in present day but you will love being introduced to future technology like iMemory, a camera and microphone that can be worn as an earring that records 24/7 and uploads it to cloud storage. The story blends the two time periods flawlessly—it is exciting, romantic a must read!


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