Heaven is Paved with Oreos

Heaven is Paved with Oreos

By Catherine Gilbert Murdock

New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.

Pages 201.  Grades 6-8

If you like Murdock’s trilogy Dairy Queen you will certainly enjoy this coming of age book!  Sarah is super smart when it comes to school but so not much when it comes to boys!  Although her best friend, super shy Curtis, is a boy that doesn’t really count–or does it?  Curtis and Sarah hang out a lot working on science projects and so rumor has it among the 8th grade girls they must be “going out”.  Sarah gets tired of trying to explain her “relationship” with Curtis so she just says they are boyfriend and girlfriend–and Curtis understands this “is pretend” at least at first!FINAL_Heaven_JKT

Sarah has a crazy grandmother she calls Z.  The whole family has a “strained” relationship with Z but Sarah finds her fascinating in a strange kind of way. Grandma Z asks Sarah to accompany her on a “pilgrimage” to Rome for a week in the summer. Sarah family does not feel comfortable sending her with crazy Z but in the end they are off to Rome to visit all seven major churches in Rome–visiting the one that Z did not make it to in college.  All goes well for a couple of days in Rome and then chaos erupts as Z’s past life and lies catch up with her!  

Follow Sarah as grapples with her relationship with Curtis and chaos in Rome!  

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