The Mark of the Dragon Fly

The Mark of the Dragon Fly

By Jaleigh Johnson

New York:  Delacorte Press, 2014.

Pages 386.  Grades 5 and Up

Piper is a scavenger in a world that has meteor showers that are filled with items and contraptions from the planet earth.  After the meteor shower, when the danger ends, they go and collect, clean and fix the items they have found and sell them for food. It is a desperate life but no one is left in her family—fixing the things that fall from the sky is the only gift Piper has. dragon fly

All of this changes when Micah, a younger friend, takes a huge risk. He decides to be out while the meteor shower was going on to get a jump on all the other scavengers—when Piper hears this she goes out after her friend. When she finally sees Micah, and begins to scold him she sees a caravan crossing the meteor field.  Piper is amazed anyone could be so stupid—then the unthinkable happens—a huge meteor falls and Piper scurries to cover Micah.  When she gets up she sees that the caravan is almost completely destroyed and that Micah has a head wound and is unconscious.  She runs over to the caravan to see if anyone is alive to help her but instead she finds more trouble, a little girl who is the only one alive, but she too is unconscious. This little girl bears the tattoo of the Dragonfly Territories—so Piper carries them both back to town—her friend Micah and the girl with tattoo—perhaps the capital city will have a reward for her! But what Piper didn’t realize was that this was just beginning of her troubles—as the girl, Anna, awakens, Piper discovers she has no memory of what happened to her before the meteor and she is being chased by what Anna calls a “wolf”.  So Piper and Anna steal away on the 401 Train to see if Anna can be returned, perhaps for a reward.  What she finds will change her life forever! Join Piper and Anna on a journey of self discovery!

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