The Eleventh Plague

The Eleventh Plague

By Jeff Hirsch

New York:  Scholastic, 2011.EleventhPlague

Pages 278.  Grades 6 and Up

The United States has been devastated by yet another world war and the Chinese had released a plague—the Eleventh Plague, which took out most of the population.  It is here where we find Stephen and his father, trying to survive by being salvagers.  So they had to sell scraps just to get food, bullets and water purification tablets. After a run in with slave runners, Stephen finds himself alone and his dad in a coma.  Then out of nowhere this group stops and offers help—Stephen being very wary of everyone, reluctantly he accepts help and they are now taken to Settler’s Landing—a quaint town, something like the world before the war and the plague. It is almost too good to be true, food, farms, a doctor and yet Stephen has enemies. Stephen has a decision to make–to settle or to continue to be a nomad.  I was intrigued but the end was a letdown to me—it just seemed bland.  I wonder where the sequel takes the reader to?


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