Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell in Love

Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell in Love

By Lauren Tarshis

New York: Dial Books for Young Readers, 2009.

Grades 5 and up   Pages: 169


So what is my method to my madness for reading this summer?  Alternating young adult, children’s (grade 5/6), non-fiction, guy read, and girl read!!  So far, so good! This book falls into the category of a really nice story for grade 5/6 and definitely a girl book!emma-jean

Emma-Jean although a highly intelligent 7th grader, struggles socially and with c
hange. Emma-Jean loves to have each school day be just like the day before!  This school year she has settled into a nice new group of friends that accept her social quirkiness. Everything goes well until the 7th grade formal dance starts to draw near coupled with “spring fever”.  All the 7th grade girls become consumed with dresses, make-up and who to ask to the dance!  Girls get to ask boys to this dance.  Although Emma-Jean has no interest in going to the dance or all the commotion surrounding it; she gets sucked into solving a mystery for her friend Colleen—which boy put a note in her locker saying he ‘liked her.’ 

You will love how Emma-Jean captures the immaturity of middle school boys, how she describes her first crush and how she handles unsettling changes that are occurring at home!!  This is just a really nice story that fans of Wendy Mass or Patricia Reilly Giff will love! 

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