The Iron Trial

The Iron Trial

By Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

New York:  Scholastic, 2014.

Callum Hunt has never really fit in, what with his gimpy leg and nerdy behavior. His dad has done the best he could bringing him up without magic (and without his mother) but with the Iron Trial coming up, all the boys and girls wiblackth magic will be trying out for a spot in the Magisterium.  Magisterium, is the school where mages go to be trained how to use the magic they have within themselves.  But all these years Callum’s dad has been telling him never to use magic, that magic is bad and will just get him into trouble. So when Callum goes to the Iron Trial he deliberately tries to fail—and he does a miserable job at failing and is selected to go—against his will.  But what he learns very quickly is that here he is accepted, kids want to be his friends and that controlling his magic well it’s what he thinks he really wants to do.  So the adventure begins magic, friends and The Enemy.  I really enjoyed this fantasy by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare—a little on the dark side but none the less enjoyable!


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