The 13th Gift

The 13th Gift

By Joanne Huist Smith


Every year I buy at least one Christmas book to read over the holidays and this year I choose the 13th Gift. It is a book about a family’s sorrow over the unexpected loss of their husband and father and their inability to regroup as a family. With the upcoming Christmas holiday no one can muster any Christmas spirit until mysterious gifts starting showing up on their doorstep—nothing elaborate but each tied with a note. The gifts correspond to the song—Twelve Days of Christmas, starting off with One Poinsettia and always ending with Your True Friends give to you. As the book unfolds each gift truly becomes a Christmas miracle for this family.13th

I always love sappy Christmas books and movies and although this one fit that bill—the 13th Gift is a true story written by a woman from Bellbrook, Ohio—near Dayton. That made this year’s book even more special! It is a great addition to my holiday book collection—I will read it again and pass it to others!


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