The Turtle of Oman

The Turtle of Oman: A Novel

By Namomi Shibab Nye

New York: Greenwillow Press, 2014.

Grades 4 and up 299 Pages

So during the Christmas Holiday I spent visiting my beautiful daughter in San Antonio, Texas. Any trip is not complete without a stop at a bookstore. I found this lovely book written by a local author, from San Antonio.

A young boy from Oman is preparing to come to the United States with his parents as they both get their masters degrees from a college in Michigan. Oman is in the Middle East—and sad to say that is about all I know about this country. But through the writing in this lovely story I can picture what life must be like.516M4hIB1eL__SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

It is a simple country, with simple homes and a simple lifestyle. Aref is seeing his father off to the airport when the story opens and next week Aref and his mother will follow. So now it is time for Aref to pack his belongings as they will be gone for three years. His aunt, uncle and two cousins will be moving in to his house while they are gone. Aref is struggling with the move—leaving his cat, his room, his school and most of all this grandfather, Sidi. Aref is angry and refusing to pack. Then Siti come to take him on some final adventures around Oman—helping him to create memories that he can take with him and gently encourages him to look forward to his new big adventure to Michigan.

You will go to a desert camp and pass camels, to the sea to fish and to the beach to see where the Turtles of Oman hatch, go to sea and one day come back home.

A lovely story that allows one to travel somewhere else without leaving home.




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