The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth

By Dan Gemeinhart

New York:  Scholastic Press, 2015.

Grades 5 and Up.  Pages: 229.


This is a truly amazing book!  I am always hoping the next book I pick up will be a hot read for students!  This is it!!! 

Mark is a typical 12 year old who lives with his parents, his dog Beau and his best friend Jesse, lives right next door.  But unlike other 12 year olds—Mark has cancer.  Mark is tired of treatments, hopeful diagnoses and hospitals so he has decided it is time for him to take control. When you have cancer as a kid it seems like you never have control; all the decisions are made and you just end up following doctor’s orders.  But not anymore.  Mark decides that he needs an adventure, even if it’s the last thing he ever does.  So he packs what he needs, all the money he has saved up, the pills that keep his head pain under control, his camera, notebook of haiku and he puts his dog in a duffle bag and boards a bus.  Come along on this exhilarating and heartbreaking adventure with a boy who has unstoppable courage and his best friend who is torn between saving Mark’s life and honoring a promise she made a long time ago.  A story you will not soon forget!  If you like the Fault in Our Stars you won’t want to miss The Honest Truth!


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