Paper Things

Paper Things

By Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Summerville: Candlewick Press, 2015.

Pages   376.  Grades 5 and Up

 What would it be like to homeless and eleven years old? It was reported around 2010 that Cincinnati had about 6,000 homeless youth—what does that mean and how does that happen?  Well for Arianna, her mother died of cancer at the age of 34 and her dad died in Afghanistan.  Her mom’s dying wish is that she and her older brother, Gage stay together.  But with no family Ari’s mom left instruction for Ari and Gage stay with a high school friend, Janna.  Janna and Gage did not get a long so one day Gage is leaving and takes Ari with him to honor his mom’s wish.  With no money, no job they are now

paper thingshomeless.  Ari tries to fake being okay at school but not having showers, rumpled up uniform and slipping grades causes her to lose friends and eventually, she loses all self-esteem and becomes “invisible.”  Join the courageous Ari as she gives the reader a look into homelessness and those who helped her along the way.

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