A Snicker of Magic

A Snicker of Magic

By Natalie Lloyd

Grades 5 and Up


What a fabulous book!  It is whimsical, witty and well written!! 

Felicity Pickle is just getting ready to start 6th grade in yet another school. Her mom, her younger sister, Frannie Mae and Felicity have traveled all over the United States in the VW van known as the Pickled Jalapeño mobile. This constant moving around has become especially difficult for Felicity as she already has a hard time making friends—she often retreats to her special talent—collecting words.  She can see words pop up over a beautiful landscape or a when she meets someone for the first time—she captures the words and writes them down. But when she looks in the mirror she just sees loser, lonely and friendless.snicker

Then one day her mom pulls into Midnight Gulch, the town where she   up and everything starts to change when Felicity meets the “Beedle.” Jonah, a boy in her class that is in a wheel chair is the mysterious “Beedle” who spends his time doing good deeds for others, in secret.  Well what is Felicity in need of?  That’s right Jonah becomes her friend and that is when the magic starts to happen in Midnight Gulch. 

There’s a duel of sorts, curses and just a snicker of magic in this wonderful story of family, friends and love.

If doing a book talk on this book read the opening couple of pages about Felicity’s first day in school and then turn to the chapter and read a few pages about Jonah’s mom Jewell who runs a Lube and Dye.  That’s right she combines her two passions in life running a beauty salon and auto repair shop!  Everyone will fall in love with the quirky charters in, A Snicker of Magic!


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