House of Robots

House of Robots
By James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein
Grades 4-661XZtMu6-NL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_
Just imagine living in a house filled with robots that could cook, clean, mow lawn, be a pet and maybe even be a brother or sister?  Well most of those are a reality to Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez whose mom is top robot scientist!  But, common on a robot can not be programmed to be a brother can it?  Sammy gets pulled into Mom’s experiment when he has to take “E” to school with him.  That’s when he finds out that “E,” Error, as Sammy calls him, is his brobot.  It wouldn’t be bad except that “E” is an annoying, motor mouth, know-it-all that is constantly embarrassing Sammy and getting himself into trouble.  It is especially tough for Sammy when he only has 2 friends. His best friend is his little sister, who can not leave the house and his second best friend Trip, who is unique unto himself! When Sammy and E get suspended from school for a few days his mom makes some “minor” adjustments and the school gives them both another chance.  This time things are different—did Sammy’s mom give E the ability to experience emotions?  Perhaps that is why E gets robotnapped.  Sammy goes on a mission to find E, to give him another chance and perhaps prove that nerdy kids like Sammy can fit into this world (and maybe even have friends).  This is a zany story that has great illustrations that kids will love!

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