A Dragon’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans

A Dragon’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans  

By Laurence Yep and Joanne Ryder

New York: Crown Books, 2015.

152 Pages.   Grade 4-6.

Miss Drake’s pet, Fluffy has recently passed away.  And Miss Drake is not quite sure she is ready for her next–pet human.  That’s right Miss Drake is a dragon that has humans as pets!  Amelia, also known as Fluffy to Miss Drake, had been the greatest pet and companion!  Miss Drake has not yet finished grieving when just 2 days after the funeral a little, scrawny specimen, dressed all in black, with very curly light brown hair that went every-which-way burst into the dragon’s lair and announces herself as GreatCare of Humans Aunt Amelia’s niece, Winnie.  Miss Drake is quite surprised and asks how she had a key to the secret passage?  Well, Great Aunt Amelia thought Miss Drake might be lonely so she left a key, a map and the great secret about her friend the dragon.  Miss Drake tries to get rid of the pesky little girl but Winnie is bold and sure that the DRAGON would be HER new pet!

Go on a grand fantastical adventure as Miss Drake trains her new human and Winnie enthusiastically plays along and finds magic and mystery at every turn.  You will be delighted with the friendship that is created from loss.


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