Fish in a Tree

Fish in a Tree

By Lynda Mullaly Hunt

New York: Nancy Paulsen Books, 2015.

Pages 276   Grades 5 and Up    

If you loved Wonder by Palacio then you will surely love this great new book by Hunt!          

Ally is in a classroom where some the sixth grade students have challenges.  Many refer to the kids as dumb, slow or stupid which is definitely not the case however, each student struggles, with a learning difference.  Ally, who is very bright has become the victim of Shay, the class bully.  But in 6th grade when you cannot read and no matter how smart you might be or how good you have been able to hide this challenge—you get left alone or picked on by classmates. 0 Fish

This all culminated for Ally when she gave her classroom teacher a beautiful sympathy card at the teacher’s baby shower.  The teacher was devastated and Ally completely humiliated, alone and the brunt of many classroom jokes.  Ally is not only alone but lonely until the substitute teacher walks into their classroom—Mr. Daniels. Watch as Mr. Daniels gets to know his class, build their self-confidence and changes the world; or at least the world of some of his students!  This is why special education teachers have a special place in heaven—for being able to change lives of those they touch!  You will love Hunt’s unique and quirky characters and her portrayal of Mr. Daniel’s classroom dynamics. Don’t take a break from school this summer—join Mr. Daniels class of Fantasticos! 

Book Trailer:  Fish in a Tree


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