Fantasy League

Fantasy League

By Mike Lupica

Charlie is a scrawny 12 year old being raised by his artistic mom and known around school as “the brain” but it’s not because he is a genius at school (although he is very smart) it is because he is a genius when it comes to Fantasy Football.  He knows all the teams, their players and their stats.  He is almost unbeatable in the Fantasy Leagues.  Charlie loves to play football for his school team too however he is not real athletic and most often sits the bench—but what he really loves even more, is his friend Anna.  Anna can talk football, real football!  Her Uncle Matt and her Grandpa own the Los Angles Bulldogs an expansion team that has been struggling, really struggling since the team’s inception.  Each home game Charlie, Anna and Grandpa Warren sit in the owner’s box and watch and talk football.  This is a dream come true for Charlie—he loves the Bulldogs—he has high hopes that one day they might just win their division.  But once again this year in preseason they are kind of pathetic especially the quarterback.                                                                                                                                                As Charlie gets to know Mr. Warren he lets it slip that there is a quarterback out there who had been cut last year and no one signed for this year that might be a good fit for the Bulldogs—and so begins a great relationship between Anna and Charlie, and Charlie and Mr. Warren, the owner of the LA Bulldogs.

This is not only a great book about football but is even a better book about relationships—between friends, between family members and most importantly between a boy and his mentor.  Great heartwarming book for guys and girls.

Author Website:  Mike Lupica


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