Voyagers: Project Alpha

Voyagers:  Project Alpha

D.J. MacHaleVoyagers Book 1

New York: Random House, 2015

Grade 5 and Up

So the trend started with 39 Clues, Spirit Animals and now the Voyagers Series.  Short books in a series,  each written by a different author—this one starts off  with YA author MacHale. I met D.J. MacHale several years ago when he was promoting his first series of books called Pendragon—he was intense and driven both as author and TV producer.  He was great with our middle school students.

If you love surprises and this book had plenty of them! It is kind of mix of Star Trek meets Jurassic Park.  It starts off with the Earth running out of energy and going into 8 hours of blackout each day—no electricity, no cell service—a real energy crisis.  So the government cuts the energy usage, while scientists believe that they have found an energy source but not on this planet.

So the scientists and government set up he Alpha Project Competition—where kids twelve and under compete to become part of the solution to the energy problem and become part of the four chosen for the Alpha Project.

The competition is fierce amongst the final 8 contestants.  But there a few standouts, Dash a leader and a team player, Anna a fierce competitor who will win at all costs, then Gabriel, Carly, Piper, who was wheelchair bound, Niko, Ravi and Sienna.  All worthy—but only four are chosen.  The first half on the book deals with the competition and the second half with the mission and quest to save the world.

Buckle up for this first installment where there are ancient lands that dinosaurs roam and technology gadgets that will rock the earth!

Series Website:  Voyagers 

Check out the book trailer:  Voyagers


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