One Came Home

One Came Home

By Amy Timberlake

I love a book with a really strong female character and Georgie Burkhardt fits the bill.  Georgie lives with her mom, her older sister Agatha and Grandfather Bolte. The family runs the Placid General Store in Wisconsin in the year 1871.  Georgie loves her life and dreams of the day when just she and Agatha will run the store.  But Agatha has other ideas, she is courting boys and has ideas about going off to college.  Georgie, the tomboy that she is, is not happy about Agatha’s behavior and says some things that cause her sister to run off.  Georgie is heartbroken och1_full_380that her sister has run off but when the sheriff goes after her and only brings back a girl’s body—red hair and in a blue/green ball gown in box—Georgie goes into denial.  Convinced that her sister is still alive goes out into the wild to seek proof that her sister is really dead. 

Georgie comes face to face with a cougar, all of the facts about where her sister had been and even the place where her sister was found dead.  Although Georgie gives in, Georgie has learned that she can still be strong and that she can go on without her sister. Just when you think the story is concluding author, Amy Timberlake throws Georgie a couple more curve balls.  Timberlake’s writing is lyrical, exciting and not to be missed! 


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