By Mike Revell

New York: Quercus, 2015.

277 Pages Grades 5 and Up.

Liam is 10 years old and his family has just moved back to the family homestead because his grandma who has dementia is not doing well in the nursing home.  Liam’s being bullied in his new school, his teenage sister is out of control and his mom is not coping well—welcome to the neighborhood!  His house sets on the outskirts of an old church and its graveyard.  Liam would never go in except he that his dog got loose and went inside the church and that is when Liam discovers the big stone gargoyle—it creeps him out—the big eyes and the sharp claws. When Liam discovers his grandma’s diary, things begin to make sense—especially the gargoyle!  It seems the gargoyle followed his grandma from Paris to London when she moved as a child and it came to life and protected her during World War II.  Well, this type of protection magic can be dangerous as he reads about in the diary but Liam is desperate for some positive changes for him and his family.  He risks the magic but at what cost?

This was a great quick read!


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