The End of the Line

The End of the Line

By Sharon E. McKay

New York: Annick Press, 2014.

Grades 5 and Up.  117 Pages.                                   21561025

Beatrix and her mother are on the run—trying to stay ahead of the Nazi guards in Amsterdam, Denmark during World War II. They are looking for some place to hide and Beatrix’s mother knows what she has to do—find someone, anyone to hide her 5 year old daughter—people were known to hide Jewish children. As they were riding on the tram, it suddenly stopped and SS officers boarded asking to see papers.  It was at this time Beatrix’s mother made the ultimate sacrifice—she rose from her seat and gave herself up to the SS guards leaving Beatrix alone on the tram.  Tram workers, brothers, Hans and Lars watched was going down and knew immediately that the mom was hoping to save her daughter.  Although both in their sixties and never married they hesitantly took Beatrix in because harboring a Jew could cost them their lives. 

Author Sharon McKay does a great job painting vivid and unique characters that lived in one of history’s darkest times. Follow Beatrix’s story as she is raised by total strangers and holds out hope to some day be reunited with her family.


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