The Nest

The Nest

By Kenneth Oppel

New York:  Simon & Shuster, 2015.

Grades 6 and Up    244 Pages

I loved Kenneth Oppel’s, Airborn it was both magical and adventurous so I wasn’t quite sure what was in store for me in The Nest.  I knew that it was a thriller—but it was one of the strangest book I have read in a long time!!

It is always strenuous when a new baby is brought home but even more the-nest-9781481432320_hrstrenuous when the family brings home a sick baby.  Baby Theo has some congenital issues and is going to need heart surgery as soon as he is strong enough—so a lot of time and attention toward this new baby has put siblings Nicole and Steven lacking some attention.  Steven has anxiety issues and now that summer is upon them he has become anxious about the wasp nest growing outside the house.  Steven’s daytime anxiety rolls over into night but recently his night dreams have become soothing he believes that the creatures with the white bodies and big eyes are angels that have come to “fix” baby Theo if Steven will agree to the ‘contract’. Well Steven gets stung by a wasp, finds out he is allergic and the angels in his dreams are the queen wasps and his dreams now have become nightmares both at night and during the daytime!  Read this anxiety ridden thriller as Steven tries to find his place in his family.

A quick unique read!

Kenneth Oppel Website


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