Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sword of Summer

By Rick Riordan

Read by Christopher Guetig

So I might be a really bad librarian for not reading any Rick Riordan books before now– but when the kids already love the books and read the books with no promoting by me, I sometimes pass them by for books that need to be read so I can promote them!

So I broke down to see what all the hubbub was about and found that I too love Riordan’s  books!  Tons of action, adventure and magic–everything our students crave in great books!

This is the first book in the Norse god mythology series.  Here we meet all the great gods Odin, Freyja,  Thor and Vanir. Magnus whose mother was killed by mysterious wolves has been living on the streets for a couple of years until he sees missingrick-riordan-magnus-chase-and-the-gods-of-asgard-series posters hanging all around town. Miffed at why his only relatives–his uncle Randolph and his cousins are
looking for him. Magnus does not want to by found but once Uncle Randolph corners him, he warns Magnus of great dangers that await him now that he has turned 16 years old. He talks about Magnus’ birthright and the need to find the sword.

Just moments later, with no time to consider what his uncle has just told him,  Magnus finds himself on a bridge fighting Sert,a fire throwing giant that is trying to  him, his friends and innocent bystanders. Magnus, somehow summons the “lost sword” from the river and thrusts the sword into Sert as they both topple into the river.

Magnus Chase dies. But that is where the story really begins!  Magnus ends up at Valhalla Hotel in Asgard.  Here in “hall of the slain” is where the adventure begins as Magnus and his friends, his trusty new sword that he calls, Jack take on giants, dwarfs in an attempt to ward off doomsday!

Pure magic and fun!







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