The Seventh Wish

The Seventh Wish

By Kate Messner

New York: Bloomsbury, 2016.

I love all Kate Messner books and now I have a new favorite!

Give everyone a slip of paper for a wish

This starts like a delightful story about Charlie, a girl in middle school, who is trying to fit in both at school and in her family.  She lives with her mom, dad and an older sister, whom she adores and who is going off to college. She loves to Irish Dance and as she and her friend get ready for a big contest Charlie finds herself in need of a solo costume.  Since her town has an ice fishing contest she decides to take part even though she is very afraid of going out miles out on the ice.  Well on her very first outing she catches only a tiny fish 9781619633766but it has a huge impact!  It happens to be a talking fish that tells her if she returns him to the lake he will grant her a wish and so the story begins!  Have you ever tried to word a wish so that you get what you want with no unwanted effects? Like if you wanted a really cute boy to fall in love with you—what does that wish really asking?

Fishing is bringing in needed money for her costume, the wish thing with the fish is getting weird and Charlie just want to get her older sister advice but Abby does not return her texts or phone calls.  Then her mom finds out Abby is not attending her college classes. Then the unthinkable happen.  I kept trying

to predict—suicide, alcohol, mental illness, or anorexia but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next! Kate Messner has presented a timely issue and has given the reader insight into how a family copes with a crisis. This is a great read!


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