Towers Falling

Towers Falling

By Jewell Parker Rhodes

New York: Little Brown and Company, 2016.

On the 15th Anniversary of the darkest day in modern U.S. history, September 11, 2001 Jewell Rhodes has put out a timely realistic fiction novel about the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  I loved 9th Ward and now Towers Falling has taken over the number one spot by this author.

24846343Dèja’s family has just relocated to a homeless shelter and if that didn’t make her feel bad enough—she will be starting 5th grade in a new school.  Dèja is angry, sad and confused.  She gets to school and her teacher wants them to write about their summer vacation and then about their home—just making Dèja more angry—getting evicted and homeless shelter not something she wants to write about! She is mad at her dad for always being sick and unable to work and at her mom because she has to work such long hours.  Lucky for Dèja,  Ben and Sabeen befriend her on day one!  Dèja can not understand why anyone would want to be her friend—she tries to turn them away but they just continue to hang out with Dèja

Miss Garcia, the fifth grade teacher  is starting a project that connects home and family to the two towers that are missing from the New York skyline. Her students look out over the skyline and want to know the connection. The rest of the story is all about connection.  Connection of friends, family and 9/11.


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