Rhyme Schemer

Rhyme Schemer

By K.A. Holt

San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2014.

Grades 6 and Up  Pages:

Genre: Realistic Fiction Themes:  Bullying, Friendship,   

       Family and Librarian

 Kevin is the baby of the family and he is a seventh grade bully! He bullies other kids, under his breath he bullies teachers and he just is a mixed up kid.rhymeschemer-708x1024

Kevin’s only outlet is his poetry.  There he expresses his inner most feelings and thoughts! Then disaster strikes and he has lost his journal—then the bullied begin to bully Kevin. He becomes known as Poetry Boy. Kevin is sentenced to library duty for his past deeds and that is when he becomes connected to his school librarian, although he will never admit to it!  His life begins to turn around as he embraces his poetry.

Kevin’s voice is told in verse—so it is a quick read that guys should love!




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