The Compound

By S.A. Bodeen

Grade 6 and up

Have you ever thought of what would happen in the event of a nuclear explosion?  Where would you go?

Is there any safe place?

In this story Bodeen writes about a family who has planned for such an event and has to use their safe place called the compound.

Eli’s family had to go into the compound one night—they left in such a hurry they had left their grandma and Eli’s twin brother behind. Trying to deal with the loss of his twin—he hardly took in the vastness of the compound.  It was as big of the house that they just left—maybe bigger!  His family was very wealthy and his father had thought of 26358214everything—hydroponics, cattle and chickens, storerooms with food and clothes to last 15 years.  The amount of time needed for above ground to become safe again.

The story moves along quickly and family relationships have deteriorated over the 6 years that they have lived there, food supplies are running low and Eli’s father is thinking of taking desperate measures to keep his family alive.  Eli begins to think his dad has flipped out and then he begins to question their very existence.

Bodeen creates many ethical situations in this exciting and thrilling tale of survival.


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