By S.A. Bodeen

New York:  Feiwel and Friends Book, 2015.

Grades 5 and Up Pages 137.

It has been a Bodeen Week. After finishing The Compound this week I went right into the second book of the Shipwreck Island series!  Shipwreck Island starts off like most shipwrecks—a deserted island and minimal supplies. But Bodeen spins a new blended family together with a somewhat creepy island—with some unexplained weirdness.

22718677In this second installment the weirdness turns sinister. The family ends up with an addition as they find a girl, Cashmere, who became stranded on their island—a pirate robbery of sorts. But once on the island she tells of a story that she was held captive by the “curator” and just narrowly escapes. Next, Dad, one of the brothers go missing causing Sarah and Marco to head off to find them but they find more than they bargained for—weird and dangerous animals — like a shark that comes ashore because it now has legs.

Stay tuned as island becomes more dark and sinister than you ever thought possible! A great, quick read for reluctant readers!

Next in the series, Trapped. 




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