By Gary Paulsen

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 

62 Pages.   Grades 5 and Up  Genre: Adventure–Survival

I love listening to the old fiction (2002) and really enjoyed Hatchet.  It is a quick read that would be great for reluctant readers as it moves quickly and is action packed! 

hatchet3Brian is really struggling with his parents’ divorce—spending the school year with mom and summer with dad is not what he planned for. So mom puts Brian on a small Cessna plane to fly into a remote area in Canada.  Mid-flight the pilot suffers a heart attack and since Brian is sitting in the co-pilot seat he has to step up to the plate or the plane crashes.  Obviously, Brian survives the “landing” and the only thing he has with him is he hatchet that attached to his belt, his mom gave him as parting gift to use in the woods up north! Brian, once thought the hatchet was a silly gift but now he clings to it as this is his only possession—it becomes a lifeline of sorts. 

You will go along with Brian on an adventure you soon won’t forget—an oldie but goodie!


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