A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

By Patrick Ness

Okay so this book came out in 2011 and I missed it but it recently came out in paperback with a new cover because the movie is due out in October 2016. Since I am doing a books to movie theme at school—I said, why not give it a try.  What a great surprise!  It was a fabulous, well written story about a young boy who lives with his mother in Great Britain. His mom’s illness has taken a toll on Conor and he seems to have grown up over night–helping his mom out at home, being bullied at school and a terrifying reoccurring nightmare.            61vtxjtnosl-_sx371_bo1204203200_Conor wakes one evening to a great disturbance outside of his bedroom window—the Yew Tree that stands at the back of his property has broken free and has come to Conor. Although this might seem like a nightmare, this was not Conor’s nightmare!  So the nightmare continues and the monster still comes just after midnight and wants just one thing from Conor—the truth something Conor will not share with anyone. Join Conor on his journey to come to grips with what terrifies him most. 

I might add I have not cried so much in one book in my entire life! A must read before you see the movie!


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