Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow

By Lauren Wolk

New York: Dutton Children’s Book, 2016.

Pages 291   Grades: 5 and Up  Genre: Historical Fiction

This was a fabulous story about eleven-year-old Annabelle whose family are farmers and live out in the country during World War II.  Annabelle gets up does her chores, goes to school and comes home and finishes her chores—a rather quiet existence until Betty Glengarry moves in with her grandparents. Betty is like your worst nightmare—a mean, mean bully!  The local vagabond, Toby, steps into save Annabelle from Betty and befriends Annabelle.  Toby is what we call today homeless veteran of WW I who suffers from Post wolf-hollow-by-lauren-wolkTraumatic Stress Disorder. Annabelle’s mom says that he is odd and to keep her distance—even though she herself often sends food to him. A friendship grows between Toby and Annabelle and Betty begins to become more violent and blames the terrible things that are happening on Toby.  It is hard for the people of Wolf Hollow to understand what is happening and Annabelle is having difficulty expressing herself and so begins a web of deceit—she begins to lie. Come along on this action packed historical novel as Annabelle tries to find courage to speak up for what is right!


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