Blood Will Tell

Blood Will Tell: A Point Last Seen Mystery

By April Henry

Henry Holt and Company, 2015.

Genre: Mystery    Pages: 258.  Grades 6 and up.

I love criminal investigation or forensic mystery books! This book reminded me of Alane Ferguson’s Forensic Mystery Series: The Christopher Killer which I thought was great for middle school students! bloodwilltellApril Henry’s new criminal investigation book does not disappoint!

We pick back up with Search and Rescue (SAR) Team members Alexis, Bran, Ruby and Nick as they head out on a missing 7 year-old girl in the city.  As they are searching for the little girl, elsewhere on the outskirts of town a very young woman by the name of Lucy is killed. They finish late with one case are called out early the next day to look for evidence in the murder of Lucy.  One of the team members who was lauded hero the night before becomes the number one suspect in the brutal murder.  Stay tune as this is another nail biter and page turner by April Henry.


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