By Raina Telgemeier

Graphix, 2016.

Genre:  Graphic Novel    Pages: 256stl012253-600x873

Another good story of sisters!  This time older sister Catrina finds out that the family is moving to coastal California so that her younger sister Maya can be exposed to the cool, salty air which hopefully will help her Cystic Fibrosis.  Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder that has no cure and mostly affects the lungs.  It used to be these kids never lived past one but with the new medicine and technology these kids now live often into their 30’s.  Although, Catrina understands why they have to move, moving to a new city and school is very stressful for her.  Then Catrina finds out her new town is known for it’s ghosts—hard time making new friends and have to deal with people who have died. Just the thought that Maya might die makes Catrina a wreck. Travel along with Catrina and Maya as the family deals with the living chronic and incurable illness.



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