Snow White: A Graphic Novel

Snow White: A Graphic Novel

By Matt Phelan

Candlewick Press, 2016.

Genre: Graphic Novel

Grades: 5 and Up

This graphic novel has beautiful illustrations in pencil, ink and watercolor by Matt Phelan.  The book opens in New York just before the stock market crash. Here is where you meet Samantha (Snow) White and her parents. When snow-whiteSnow’s mother becomes ill and dies she and her father are heart broken. All her father’s attention is on her until ten years later when he meets a beautiful and glamourous stage star who soon becomes Snow’s stepmother. She sends Samantha off to boarding school so that all attention and money can be focused on her.  The stock market crashes and the stepmother soon she finds that she needs to have all the family money—and so the traditional story of Snow White unfolds. I loved this book I read it twice just to see if I missed any of the illustrations!!


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