The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

By Peter Brown

New  York:   Little, Brown  and Company, 2016.

Grades 3-6

Genre: Fantasy

This is a cute story about a robot, one of 500 being transported on a cargo ship when a hurricane came through and sunk the ship. Four hundred and ninety-five went down with the ship, five floated on the wild waves, four dashed against the rocks and one floated to shore with only damage to the outside crate. In fact, the crate was open and the robot activated when it hit the shore. Roz is a robot that can move, communicate and learn. wildrobot1Learn is exactly what she did!  Knowing that a robot does not have feelings the reader knows that Roz is lonely on this deserted island. Roz does not know how to fit in or what do with herself until she met the opossum.  Here she learned how to camouflage herself to help her to survive attacks from wild animals. Then disaster strikes when a mudslide occurs and Roz accidentally causes the death of a goose family—only one egg survives.  Roz uses her knowledge to hatch and raise the goose-ling—Roz has found purpose for her life.  Join Roz and all the animals of the island as they define what it is to be a friend and family. A lovely story that will soon not be forgotten!


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