Catching a Story Fish

Catching a Story Fish

By Janice N. Harrington

Wordsong, 2016.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grades: 4-6

This story has been told many times before—girl/boy moves and becomes 51m1ft2a5al-_sx301_bo1204203200_the new kid in school and does not fit in or gets bullied. This story has been given unique voice of Katharen who moves from Alabama to Illinois and who tells her story in verse.  It is beautifully written story about a girl who was known as Keet-Keet, because she loved to talk and tell stories like a “parakeet.” But her love of words comes abruptly to a halt when the kids in her class make fun of her southern accent. Although missing her friends she is now lives near her grandfather who not only loves to fish but loves to share life stories.  Stories of how catching fish parallels life.  The author note at the end of the book shares with the reader the different types of poems contained in the book.


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