Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic

By Avi

Here we find servant Fabrizzio and the Magician Mangus under house arrest.  No longer can Mangus practice magic as he will certainly be put to death by King Claudio.  Surviving without a livelihood is almost certain death.  Then the King summons Mangus to the Castello—his daughter Princess  Terrazina has been seeing a ghost.  The King wants Mangus and his servant boy to rid the castle of this ghost.  Fabrizzio has been practicing magic and is looking forward to trying some of it out—when Mangus is not watching!

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive!  Conspiracy is running rampant in this story with Fabrizzio trying to figure it all out—sometimes with the Mangus and sometimes without.  This is like a great who dunnit mystery! Just when you think you know who is behind the conspiracy to overthrow the King another conspirator surfaces!  Another great read by Avi!

Extention Activity:  Aphorisms–an observation or saying that contains truth or opinion.  This book is filled with aphorisms–this helps you to know the character better.  Find twoaphroisms and explan how they help us to understand the character.