To Catch a Killer

To Catch a Killer

By Sheryl Scarborough

Scholastic, 2017.41gsWP78F9L

This was a really great read!  If you loved, Blood Will Tell by April Henry, get ready as Scarborough ramps up the intensity of this double murder!  Erin at the age of two was found at sitting in a pool of blood next to her murdered mother. She never knew her father, so Erin’s mother’s best friend Rachel raised Erin—staying right in the same town.  Erin has always been known as the kid whose mom was murdered.  Even fourteen years later—people feel sorry for her. Erin is tired of not knowing who killed her mom so she befriends the biology teacher who has a passion for forensics—and that person ends up dead too!  Now instead of searching for a murderer, Erin is trying to defend herself as she becomes a suspect in the teacher’s murder! I thought this was a great YA murder mystery-as every character is a suspect.


The Girl I Used to Be


By April Henry

New York: Henry Holt & Company, 2016.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller   Grades: 6 and up   Pages: 227

Best-selling author April Henry never disappoints!  Opening chapter has Olivia running for her life—knowing if she slows down and is caught, she will be killed—just like her mother. Only her mother was murdered fourteen years ago and Olivia would not have been in her current situation if she had not decided to find out what really happened that day when they all went into the woods looking for a Christmas tree to cut down. Olivia was three at the time and was with both her mother and her father but the killer dropped her off at Walmart before leaving Medford. All these years Olivia was sure it was her no good father but when she returns to Medford the entire city becomes full of suspects. Henry has written another great who-dun-it, that is a page-turner to the end!  Middle school students will love this thriller!

Making Up Megaboy

Making Up Megaboy by Virginia Walter and Katrina Roeckelein

New York:  Delacorte Press

1998    63p.

This would be a good reluctant readers book—perhaps for murder mystery.

This was a depressing story about Robbie who on his 13th birthday takes his father’s gun and shoots a store owner for no apparent reason.  The story is written by people who witnessed or who knew the boy.  This appears that it may be a series.  The graphics are interesting and would appeal to reluctant readers.  It was a depressing story but captures senseless crimes of our time.

Quality 4 Popularity 2  Middle/Junior High School

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